My videos on youtube (updated)

Hey guys,

If you want to see all my Videos on Youtube just go to my channel,

Enjoy 🙂


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29 09 2007

paper, can u put a page on my blog abour ur videos pls =) cause of 5000 hits ill make loads of stuff! so first of all a new page i want videos pls!

papercuters reply: mohd u already hav alot of hits ..cant i just work on my site for a while and try to get myself for htis..hits dosnt really matter to me its about the site not how much ppl go on it. thanks

30 09 2007

ME I WANNA BE ON Youtube!check 2 of my videos search me googoogag0(youtube name)

30 09 2007

ok cmon, u dont even have 5 mins to add me a page with vids, then ur shared help me =(! i promised everyone! i dont like making vids! so help pls paper!

1 10 2007

lol, nvm can u tell me how do i put a youtube video, cause i need it, do i just copy the html, i am confused pls help !!!!!! lol!

1 10 2007

ur vids or mine? if its mine ill do it but not now cause im busy, so yeah

1 10 2007

i dont have vids, ill just take normal ones from youtube but i dunno how to put them into the blog thou!

2 10 2007

paper reply pls, how do i put youtube videos on my blog, what do i have to do copy link? i am confused pls help!

12 10 2007

Lol Paper,Holiday was really funny!!Too Fast for Me lol.u didnt even tell me i was in a vid when u were recording.

22 02 2008

Hi everybody,
I’m new! Any news?


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