How to be famous tips on clubpenguin!!

Hey!! this page tells you how to be famous on cp!! Well some tips. Ive written this all myself, with a bit of help!! If you want this on your site, then all you have to do is tell me, and credit me, cause i spent ages writing this!! Thanks!!

– Be yourself:

Be yourself, dont be someone your not, use your own personality and try not to use others. Try not to be like others, or to dress the way you dont normally dress on cp. You should’nt have to judge a book by its cover. (Dont judge someone by how they look, or what color they are, look at their personality!!

– Making Videos.

Okay, Now some people don’t know how to make videos, so im just going to tell you the program you use,

Normally people think you use cameras or video cameras!! I used to do that lol. Thats a big NO!! Dont it looks all blurry!Download a program called Hypercam 2. Its really good, you will learn how to use it. its really simple. And its free! Its just a software. And has no viruses its safe!

For the people who already have vids heres some tips:

Dont go over board on editing, colors, and small writing. When its too edited it looks too messed up. When the writing’s small, no one can read it. Just try to make things simple. Make sure the video is in line (If its a music vid, otherwise it looks messed up. I know its hard) I have some problems with that too. So I just start again. And make sure its close to perfect. Cause people are going to see it. Always add music to all your vids, Make sure its the latest music, If u don’t know any latest music, then pick a good normal song that you think people will like or you like. From my point of view i think R & B, Hip hop, Rap, Rock, Punk, and pop are the best solutions. If you don’t have music, your video might get boring, no one will wanna a watch it, well maybe.

ALWAYS add pics, add if you do a song, make sure that your doing something that relates to the song

Try to avoid songs that have rude words in them, cause you might get banned, even if theres a couple of swear words thats fine. But not loads!

– Dont show off

OKay!! Some people need a bit of learning to do in this section!!

Dont show off, don’t go around saying “Come and crowd me” OR “I’m famous” OR “I’m so famous im friends with (The persons name)

DON’T do that!! that just makes you look cheap!!!! Do not!! No offense to the people who do, But do you see Paintboy100 saying that? DO you see billybob saying that?
N.O!! So just try avoid doing that!! if you want people to notice you, just sit down and say random things, like im bored, or cp is really boring, Or use YOUR personality! Or say hi to everyone, that will make people notice you. Dont try to be alone. Make sure you have someone to talk to thats online. So people wont think your a loner, or you have no friends.

If people say “Oh my god thats …..(your pengy name) your so famous!” OR “Im your biggest fan” Just say thanks! Try to be kind to them. If they say “Wanna be friends” Say YES if you have space in your buddy list. Dont judge the person by how they look, or if they are a member or not. They know you thats what matters!! IF your list is full, just say “Sorry my list is full, ill add you when its free” OR “List is full, but we can be friends!” , That shows that ur a nice person.

– Have a blog.

Try to have a blog, so people know stuff about you, For example: How do you think paintboy100 got famous? He got famous cause he had an amazing blog, with the latest updates!!

Dont fuss about hits, hits are nothing, Hits show how much people care about you. So update!

Dont copy other peoples stuff on their web, that just shows that your lazy doing that yourself, the original the better!!

Thats more than enough tips that i can think of!! Thanks to Misspunk01 aka candyglossez for helping me with this and giving me ideas, on what to write, and what not to.


Hope you didn’t take these tips too seriously (as in don’t get offended). Hope it didn’t offend you if it did.

You all rock your socks! Cause Ur all famous if i know you!! 😀

Just joking around!

Waddle on

Papercuter n Miss


50 responses

14 12 2007

But paper i dont know anything about wordpress i just know how to use piczo so i was wondering if u can help

14 12 2007


15 12 2007


15 12 2007

What do you need help on?

15 12 2007
Guest For Cp

Hey Paper!

lol Im now Robo Zizzle!

Im a member, but I might quit cp and give away my cp account

My site MIGHT go to my other admins

15 12 2007

i need u to teach me how to put a heaeder on ur blog

17 12 2007

ok i will try my best papercuter look at my blog and THANKS TO YOU!wow…can’t belive i just said that….errr…hehe…errmm ehh uhh BYEEEE!

17 12 2007

well thamks dude im not quitting wordpress ehh thanks
what should i do for you just say it and i will(try my best)welli just donated alot of coins try this 134032coins-?=337coins GUESS HOW MUCH I DONATED HAHA

17 12 2007

Awesome tips paper!!

17 12 2007

Thanks vj~~i dont get ur point teo!!

17 12 2007
$ully100 a.k.a Black $ully

Cool i did all that stuff except vids and wordpress i know how to make wordpress but i dont have a email address lol!

17 12 2007
$ully100 a.k.a Black $ully

oh yeah paper do you want to join my army called SBTCPPA(Sully1000’s Black Team Club Penguin Peace Army)all you have to do is fill in this
Name:Your Name
Days Old:amout of days youve been in cp

heres the quiz
what would you do if they attacked your base (A)defend (B)surrender (C) nothing at all!
what colur would you dress as (A)brown (B)yellow (C) black
who always says we surrender (A)Sully1000 (B)spys (C)no one thats the quiz ok bye

17 12 2007

Thanks dude for ur tips!

17 12 2007

i did this at first before i knew this site.and guess wat i never changed and i made more people say there are famous ppl like paintboy100,billybob,and rsnail and all the others but the thing is there just normal people and there not really famous.

18 12 2007

Cool, Well some did not work!
I say ”no’ when i can’t add them then once i log off they try to add me again!

20 12 2007
Mr Funguin ©

Amazing work.

24 12 2007

😥 it does not work for me 😦

30 12 2007

UMm i downloaded hypercam but it only says hypercam set up on my documents help me paper

31 12 2007

Cool lol. Thanks for adding me to your blogroll.

P.S. Paintboy is only famous because he faked his hits.

1 01 2008

how can someone fake his hits?

4 01 2008

thanx for the hypercam i didnt now it now i thank you a million

12 01 2008

papercutor, please put me on your blogroll! Ive met u before, but u probably wont remember me! 😦 😦 😦 😦 my site is please visit and tell me wot u thought! Also, I LOVE the music, My Chemical Romance is one of my fave bands! 🙂 🙂 🙂 :). Also, I’ve added ure site to my blogroll!

16 01 2008

hey Paper,
lol, I dont know id hypercam2 is free plz say yes!

editors comment: Yes

16 01 2008

wow well thanks. if youd please id like to meet you on club penguin so um THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!

16 01 2008

also my word press site is so visit it would mean a lot

19 01 2008

ty now my peng can be famous! 😀

26 01 2008

you know you rock i realy mean it i wish i was you o and your so cool i know lol brb gtg nm nvm o and myob it means mind your own busines lol i like the music was it yours? im Mr Boss10 hope you know me you rock from Mohamed

29 01 2008


Nice tips 😉
i aleady knew them though! 😆


16 03 2008

nice blog o and how do u download unregistered hypercam2 well i no how but i cant find it?

25 03 2008

piczo isnt a good site=[

3 05 2008

hey thanks u so much i guess but hey cmon to my blog

4 05 2008
Spoil Pink

I don’t get wordpress blogging, but I’m on Wil that work? It was the easiest way i could blog.

4 05 2008
Spoil Pink

My blog is

4 05 2008
Spoil Pink

Thanks and I’m gonna try to use these tips. btw, how do i give you credit? Do I put a link to your site or something?

20 05 2008

visit my website it is

26 06 2008

add me… you deleted me!


5 08 2008

Thats great i have done your tips and got lots of fans! I even made freinds with TheFlame12 yesterday! 😀

26 08 2008


1 10 2008
tinkazula 2

can u teach me how to do a blog plz my penguins name is tinakzula and i wont a blog thats a cheat blog thx

14 10 2008

i need some help if you can help me please email me at

22 10 2008

Hi,you’re so cool i hope we can meet sometime.:)

Vsit my brother’s

22 10 2008
24 10 2008
nik miranis

hi papercuter i know how to make blog but i dont know to put the video the picture and how can i put my picture at google and how i must put my video at youtube.i really want to be a famous,but i dont know how so i need your help plz help me

Editor’s comment: I’m glad to help. Google picks up images automatically for you so you don’t need to worry there. Take a video with preferably the video recorder, Webcam 2. This will allow you to record freely. Also, add it to windows media player from import to file, import the recorded footage and make effects, etc. Then add it to YouTube by using the upload tool.

3 11 2008

Awesome Website!!!

please check out my website


10 11 2008

Heya That Advice Was Really UseFul!
WhenEver I Go Onto ClubPenguin People All Shout YaY!

9 12 2008

Thanks! This might help… I think it will!
Thanks again

11 12 2008
oi moi

you know a long time ago i used to go around going im famous! (even though i wasn’t) and no one took any notice of me. but now i realise it takes more than that. and at the moment im doing parties i got 50 people there at once. im on my path to fame! my penguin name is oi moi.

31 12 2008

hi its me Mr Boss10. Are you still in clubpenguin if not go see it it got better and better!!!!!!

31 12 2008

hi its me agian rofl Mr Boss10 i dont play runescape anymore do you? becuase im not even old inof to play it lol plus now i cant not aloud plus it got boring

1 01 2009

neopets well i dont play it i did a little once it turn out boring for me but play free mini games maybe it will let it not be boring like some monkey voley ball.

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