Here are some cheats and glitches misspunko1 and I wrote this i hope this helps


#1. Dancing on the edge in the town..dock..anywhere..

1. First go to the mountain.

2. walk to a sled race..but when you walk to a sled you have to open your map.

3. Once when you start sled racing go to then town (remember ur map is open)

4. hold tab

5. go to the edge of town and dance

#2. Edit Somones igloo..

1. first go to your igloo

2. and then open edit menu.

3. use your spy phone to go somewhere.

4. go to somones igloo you should be editing their igloo.

#3. Astro barrier

1. play astro barrier.

2. if you press 1 you would go to level 10.. if u press 2 u would go to level 20..if u press 3 you would go to level 30!

#4. Say the time!

1. go to your safe chat menu.

2. Go to activites

3. go to time.

4. Go to clock!


1. Go to

2. login

3. Go somewhere….town…or anywhere.

4. Press F11

5. click the space under the chat bar.

#6. Ice Fishing

1. play ice fishing.

2. at the end theres a big fish

3. if you want to catch the big fish u have to get a small fish and put it in the big fishes mouth.

4. Then you get 50 coins!!!

#7. Dance with the news paper.

1. Go to

2. Get someones player card and drag it out of the u can see the envelope.

3. Open the newspaper… and then click the envelope and send an envelope to them.

4. The newspaper should go away

5. Then You can Dance and talk with the paper!!

#8. Namless puffle.

1. Go to the pet shop

2 . Buy any puffle you want

3. When you pick the name press space

4. click ok and your puffle will have noname!

#9. Sit foward!
This is easy!!! i didnt even know it was a cheat lol..anyway..

1. Walk anywhere.

2. click “s”

3. you should be sitting foward!

#10. Moving your furniture diffrent ways

1. go to your igloo

2. get an furni item

3. use your arrow keys to change the ways left.. right..etc.

hope that helped


7 responses

26 09 2007

paper ill copy these glitches to my blog ok? cause ours on the blog isnt good!

6 10 2007

Me too,I Need To Copy.

6 10 2007

Paper Leave A Comment On my WordPress Plz I beg A Comment and see my vid of last years halloween with my pengy that got banned forever.Im also supporting u miss n Mc curty.I want miss n curt to be unbanned:(

23 10 2007

Yo you are awesome and what server do you usually go on?

27 10 2007

Thanks! Even though the other day I took 3 hours to find all those cheats out! I wish I had known you had a wordpress earlier! :mrgreen:

27 12 2007

hi paper cuter

13 01 2008

Make peace, not war!

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