Ask me! – updated

hey everyone here is a page to ask me anything you want! need help with anything? Have any trouble with anything? well i will help you and give you all the advise i can! and ill try to answer straight away!

You can email me at..

I will answear all your questions 😀


Waddle on.



46 responses

25 09 2007

hi papercuter! cool website.

25 09 2007

how did u get those pics of the other prizes

papercuters reply: easy, first go to the clubpenguin website…
then go click “Whats new”. All billy bobs posts are there and the pic was there! so good luck 😀

28 09 2007

i got my pic of the new prizes before they even came out! legend! lol 😉


29 09 2007

how come you wont be my buddy papercuter

2 10 2007

paper why did you make this blog

2 10 2007

can you put my vids on your site because i am to lonley i need smeones help=(

3 10 2007

Could you add me yo your blogroll?

3 10 2007

hey paper i got smoething cool its not a vid i call it the penguin pack can i post it on here

3 10 2007

i can make a penguin pack for anyone all i need is a grouup of pictures of penguins ;ike you and your friends then i can post it some were

5 10 2007

bad news paper vjjason quit cp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=(=(=(

5 10 2007

err no he did not i saw him at mammoth dock with you.

5 10 2007

could you add me to your bog roll papercuter and i say hi on cp to you and you say nothin. 😦

6 10 2007

how do you take pictures of penguins on ur computer? like real penguins not pixel

6 10 2007

forget the comment above. how do you take pictures on your computer?

21 10 2007

how do u make animations and can u comment my site

21 10 2007

Hey papercuter,r u Mohd 222s buddy cause if you r can u be my buddy because hes my buddy and meet on mammoth at the dock or frozen at like 4:30 p.m. plz and can i have the pixel penguin i requested for with the party hat not the tougues plz
Wow! that was long peace out!

24 10 2007

ok, just because mohd is ur buddy thats why i have to add u cause mohd is my buddy too? lol. anyway ok

25 10 2007

😮 Phip wat the heck r u saying?!?!?!

3 11 2007

candy candy get your candy
want some i have candy want some
i aint givin you candy wine all you like
cry like a baby

lol!!! i made that up loL!!!!! hee heee 🙂 😆

3 11 2007

:omg: hee hee

8 11 2007

lol hehe

11 11 2007

could you add my site to ur blogroll?
if u do, I’ll add urs too.
~Azu and Demon~

13 11 2007
fish alot

where r u on frozen mamouth?? i never see u

16 11 2007
fish alot

paper i never see u anymore im also on frozen dock or town hope to see u sometime

~fish alot~

17 11 2007

Hiya Papercuter!
Its me Frazzie. You may know me from around Club Penguin, or from Mohd222. Well you may know of my site, and I was just wondering if I could be admin on your site too. The thing is, my site is not a wordpress, its something else. So you wouldnt be able to “set up” my site on the admin list. But if you say yes for me to be an admin, just email me the password for you wordpress and I will be able to log in. I promise I’m not a hacker or anything like that, I just want to help out on other sites. My email is
Thanks papercuter!

22 11 2007

hey phipboy vjjason didnt quit i saw him on frozen today

28 11 2007

hi papercuter i love your blog.i was thinking that can i be a admin in this blog my hotmail is or comment my blog/site and put me in your blogroll.

12 12 2007

Paper can you advertise my wordpress because im having a petition on my site to unbann pengy that are banned forever. also can u add me to ur blogroll

14 12 2007

papercuter how do u put a header on your site

20 12 2007

How do you make a header?

24 12 2007

what’s your IM paper?

30 12 2007

paper i know u commented on my site and it said akisment spams caught and your comment was in it so how do i tell them its not a spam?

30 12 2007
Dark Crow200

hey paper i know you already commented on my site and its says its a spam comment who do i tell them its not a spam?

30 12 2007

go to akimet spam click not spam click view site and the comment will be there!

30 12 2007
Dark Crow200

o ok so can u comment again on my site plz cya

31 12 2007
Dark Crow200

hey paper i want you to make e a header plz i need it so badly

3 01 2008

ok when i get my old pc back ill make u a header cause my old pc has programs to make headers.

3 01 2008

o ok 🙂

3 01 2008

is lol jk really ur sister?

5 01 2008

papercuter can you help me with my new blog plz help

11 01 2008

13 01 2008

hey paper can u tell me how u got the music on ur site

7 02 2008

can u get on meebo?!

3 03 2008

hey paper!

Can u tell how to put music on music vids?


26 06 2008

why did you delete me?

9 07 2008

This is how you take pictures on your pc..

On your keyboard you will see a button that says “Prtscn sysrq” press that and it will take the pic for u..

then u go to paint..and go to edit..then paste..ur screen should have been printed. 😀

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