Club Penguin Contest at my site!

14 09 2008

This is my first contest ever, to get a good penguin.


Shamrock hat

Blue bunny hat

White pirates cap

Black bandana

Blue mailbag

Friendship bracelet

Old pirate boots


Shrimp pin

Bowl of gold pin

April fools “This way up” pin

Magnifying glass pin

Ruby pin


Sea monster background

Spy phone

Account information:

Username: Bambadee997

Age: 555 days old as of September 14 Australian time

Member status: No

To enter, simply add me to your blogroll and post heaps in this post. This is to be done on my website,

Second place gets to be my buddy.

Thank you for competing, go to for extension.




2 responses

16 09 2008

Hey Brolyss10,Nice post!I’ll join because Teohkay is banned forever(As you can see my new post)Well I REALLY need a penguin tho…plz help out!

22 09 2008

Well, post heaps and win it.

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