New Newspaper

4 09 2008

Hey guys,

Heres the new newspaper

Club Penguin is Building a speacial scenery for the stage! Read Below for more details.


In other news,

It looks like the yellow scarf & the pink jacket is comming out! cool!

They might change the name for Aqua Grabber.. they might change it to “Deap Sea Salvage” Weird!

Upcoming updates

Thanks for reading, 

Hope you had a nice summer,

Back to school in a few days!

Waddle on,





4 responses

5 09 2008
Dark Crow200

Awesome Post

btw I’m Quitting in December

6 09 2008

Hey, I really like your site!
Plz add to your blogroll
then comment on my site and I’ll add you to my ultimate links!


6 09 2008

wow long and nice post

8 09 2008
Ambassador Nolaurator

Hello, I am Nolaurator from the game called “Planet Cazmo”, Planet Cazmo is an online virtual world.

There’s a lot to do in Planet Cazmo, you can buy a ship and take off for the Space Diner, or you could stay on the ground and shop a bit. There’s also a good selection of mini games to play. If you like decorating, you have a whole house of your own to customize and decorate!

Sound fun? Why don’t you try it and see how you like it? Visit and sign up for free!

“Spread The World!”

This message is brought to you by Nolaurator, Ambassador 007 of Planet Cazmo Ambassador Program (PCAP).

Editor’s comment: I joined the Planet Cazmo when it came out.

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