Free coins without doing anything!

1 09 2008

Hey guys,
Teohkay here.I just found out an awsome coin glitch!!!Well here is how it works!
1.Go to a non-chat sever.
2.Play the game DJ3K.
3.When it says”Do you want to play Mix Music?
4.Hit tab until it reaches the home icon.
5.When you’re in your igloo,Click “Yes”
6.Now,Click “X” in your right hand corner.(Don’t worry you will still be in the game)
7.First you will get 5 or 0 coins but then,Repeat clickting the “X” again then you will get 530 coins!

When i did it. I got like 21,330 coins! So you can do it as much as you want untill you are RICH!$$
Well,This is my first ever cheat i discovered!

Please comment how much you like it!


Hey guys its paper!~~~

I just wanted to say that, if you do try that coin glitch you can get banned for a few hours. A few people got banned, you might too, so please dont try it, unless you wanna get banned.



Hey, it’s Broly Ss10. This cheat no longer works. Please use the same method, but with the bean counters game. With the X instruction, please press tab until it’s on the ‘X’ and then hold enter. Please give credit if you use it.




4 responses

1 09 2008

Nice cheat. They will fix it soon though.

1 09 2008


1 09 2008
froggys girl

i already tryed it and cp kiked me off! =(

3 09 2008

hey dude awesome site please visit mine and drop a comment 😉

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