Admin Results + New Newspaper + more

28 08 2008

Hey guys,

Theres alot of good news this week,

I decided to make 3 new admins instead of 2.

The winners are..

In 1st Place: Raceguy! 

In 2nd Place: Chido Quique!

In 3rd Place: Broly Ss10!

Congrats! You guys are now admins on this blog.

Thanks everyone for voting!

In  Other news, 

The Penguin Games Party is over, Finally!

The new Newspaper is out,

The Club Penguin Newspaper its the 150th issue!!


There is a word search in the newspaper, here are the answears 🙂

When you finish the Word Search it should look like this


Upcoming events


In other news Billybob posted this



Hello Penguins! 

Fall furniture for your igloos is coming on Friday and there’s some really cool stuff.  Try to guess what these four things could be!!


In other news:  The soccer pitch will be sticking around for a bit – I hope you and your penguin friends enjoy it! Also, be sure to check out tomorrow’s Penguin Times – it’s the 150th Anniversary of the newspaper!  We love to hear from you, so if you’ve got any ideas and suggestions about ways to make the newspaper even better for the next 150 issues, please let us know. (its already out)

Until then…waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

The Soccer pitch looks like this on the map
Its only going to be there for a while, 🙂
Its alright, but i prefer the Ice rink!
In other news,
I currently have 8,000, HITS thanks!  When it reaches to 8,500 hits there might be a party!
Misspunk01(my sister) & I made 2 New vids, Please Watch in High Quality!
P.C Productions – Victims of love
P.C Productions – Papercut
Thanks for reading,



3 responses

28 08 2008
Ninja boy1

Hey, cool , Raceguy won!!

28 08 2008

hey guys,teohkay here check out my new pic!

28 08 2008

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