More admins..

23 08 2008

Hey guys its Paper~

Ive been thinking about having more admins on my blog, im looking for 2 more admins!

I need the following Details in your comment

– Your email

– Your penguins name

– Your Blog


– You must have a blog

– You must have an email (of course)

– You must have a penguin (Obviously) 

If your interested then comment below ASAP, because i might be making the POLL in a few days.


The 1st winner will be an admin

The 2nd winner will be an admin

The 3rd winner will be an editor


Waddle on





Teohkay over here

Hey guys

I also need 3 more admins for my site too, which is

Please tell me your email and your blog too.I will post the 3 admins that i choose to join my blog.So PLEASE

comment at and please start commenting and visiting my site.Because im back from my site ;).







10 responses

23 08 2008

hey paper this is the THE REAL TEOHKAY.
ill help u find more COOL admins…
Papercuter’s Reply: Thanks

23 08 2008

-Your email:

– Your penguins name: Broly Ss10

– Your Blog:

I would love to be an admin for a forum like this. 🙂

23 08 2008

My email :

My penguins name : Psa Guy (im not a member but i can get to member rooms by another member penguin)

My blog :

Im also kinda good with flash and with HTML.


23 08 2008
~Chido Quique~

– Your email-

– Your penguins name- Chido Quique

– Your Blog-
I know css and muchh moreehh!
If you want, i can make a header shop for you 😉

23 08 2008

Please choose me, and please change my blog in your blogroll to this: Here

23 08 2008

Hi i am jackybob
my penguin on cp is screen fog cuase jackybob was banned
my site is
my email is
i always post on time and i am very trust worthie
waddle on… but not to far

24 08 2008

Im making the POLL so you can all vote,

in a few days!

24 08 2008

Penguin Name: 15angel7, I have over 20 penguins
Blog:, my other site got hacked so this is my new one.

Thanks, I would really appreciate it if I was chosen.

24 08 2008

Hi i really like your site!
Plz add
to your blogroll then comment on my site and ill add you to my links!


25 08 2008

Your email-

– Your penguins name- Smileyflakes

– Your Blog-

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