Party Sneak Peek! + New newspaper

21 08 2008

Hello penguins!

I’ve checked out the Clubpenguin blog and guess what?

BillyBob gaved us a PARTY SNEAK PEEK!!!Here’s what he said…

Hello Penguins!

The Penguin Games are almost here and there will be tons of fun events for you to participate in. Grab some of your penguin friends and make a team! I’ve got a sneak peek here for you – Let me know if you can guess what these are:
n Other News: There’s a brand new poll out tomorrow on the website, so make sure you check it out and cast your vote!

That’s what he said!!




Hey Guys its paper~


Referring to these pics, i think the blue & red face paints will come out! So i guess theres nothing new for me! I already have them 🙂

Anyway, at least you all can get it 🙂

The Penguin Games Start on August 22nd – 26th

In other news, The new Newspaper Came out!

Ready for a different scenery? Spend your earned coins on something new!

Here are some cool ways to make your igloo stylish for the summer






Thats Pretty good advice!

Upcomming events

Waddle on





3 responses

21 08 2008

lol The Mullet:Blue team a horse at the ski lodge upstairs red team!!

21 08 2008

I admit it,It’s gonna be real’ fun!!!I can’t wait till’ Friday!!By the way here are what the names of the days mean:Monday=Money day!
Tuesday=chilling day!
wednesday=its gonna be WET
thursday:wow full of turds in ur house
friday:fried chicken day
saturday=u sat on pukessss
sunday=its gonna be real HOT!

21 08 2008

nice post with lots of pics

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