Advice to you all!

20 08 2008

Hello penguins!

It’s Teohkay here and im giving you guys advice!

When you go to ALMOST full severs like Frozen Or Mammoth,If you go to the Dock,

Its laggy sometimes when there are alot of penguins on cp. So it might freeze your computer or even make your window not respond, when your up to something fun! So i advise you, DO NOT GO to laggy places.

Just advice you don’t have to listen to it! It’s ok!!


Hey guys,

Its Me, Papercuter!

Yeah i hate it when that happens, when i just go on Club Penguin and it freezes. Cp is having loads of problems!

Btw, Im back to updating my site now, thanks to Teohkay for helping out. Thanks Teo

Waddle on,



Teohkay’s Reply:

No problem Paper..I’m very happy to help you out!




2 responses

20 08 2008

yeah same here

23 08 2008

Bold seems very popular to many people on this blog. You should get custom CSS to make text automatically bold.

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