Music Party is over + New Newspaper + more

7 08 2008


Yes, I know! I havnt been posting and updating, I was also thinking of adding an admin to this website,

By the way,

The music party is over, everything is back to normal!

Heres the new newspaper!


Penguins games! Is comming! on the 22 August – 26th, 

  •   August 8th – Rockhopper is Expected
  • August 15th – New igloos & NEW Sports Catalog! & New pin!
  • August 22nd – Penguin games! Get in shape for the exciting new sport event!
  • August 26th – Penguin games ends



Your all probably wondering why i have not been on Club Penguin that much lately, its because me and my friend were making a game called “Skill Scape”. I was going to make the forums and he was going to make the game. But now were not making it anymore, because my friend didnt make the game, he lied, so thats why i started updating again.


Waddle on,





4 responses

7 08 2008
Dark Crow200


10 08 2008

Hello Theres a rare penguin contest at
Reminder from Teohkay:Please advertise at the Advertise Your Site page.;)

18 08 2008
Ninja boy1

Nice post
Teohkay’s reply:No problem thanks!

20 08 2008

HI paper, did u delete me? 😦 Can we be friends again? Btw nice post.

Teohkay’s reply:Thanks were always there for questions!He will delete someone and add you when he meets you!;)

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