I got hacked

23 07 2008

Hey guys!

Well my email, got hacked, by someone, and im not going to say his name.
He sent me a link on msn for msn chat and i opened it, and he hacked my wordpress and my email. I changed the pass. I have a new email too, but im not going to tell you. Ask ur friends.

Im glad that i have my wordpress  back!

Beware, if anyone sends you a link for MSN chat please dont open it, that person will have access to everything on your pc, so be carefull, please!

Thanks to all the penguins that helped me out!

Cya penguins,

Waddle on,





6 responses

23 07 2008
Ninja boy1

Yay u made a new one

23 07 2008
Dark Crow200

exactly its a key logger

23 07 2008

Thanks guys

23 07 2008
*bm!$+* aka blackmist100

Wow white and I feel really sorry for you. I’m glad you have a new one. Fortunately me and white’s email didn’t get hacked well my bro doesn’t have an email yet but he still has to use one for his wordpress account. Mine is juleseagle1@comcast.net and his wordpress email is rhodeagle1@yahoo.com but if you want to just chat with us just email me.

23 07 2008
*bm!$+* aka blackmist100

I think i might know who it is. Chewy Pup just found out that this penguin named Cp Extreme hacks people or something. Well this is his name in IM. Did you download anything lately on IM. Because he is a key logger and already has 7 other penguins. So watch out.

4 08 2008

is the msn chat something.thatzyou.com?

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