Papercuter Productions Contest

16 07 2008


Well watch the video to find out details,


– Must have MSN
– Must know how to make videos
– Must have videos
– Must have a penguin

Add me
for more information or you can email me.

Remember its due in 1 week,
Wednesday 23rd of July!
Im picking 2 people to join P.. productions!

Prize 1 : Get to be in Papercuter Productions

Prize 2: You get to be in 1 CMV with me.

Prize 3: You get to be on my blog roll (on wordpress) forever OR
I will tell you what editing program I use and ill give you the keygen for it.

DUE on 23rd July 2008 , Wednesday
Once you have finished, please notify me 🙂


And good luck!





13 responses

16 07 2008
Ninja boy1

I already am in a productions team sorry.

16 07 2008

yeah ino, i dont think anyone will join anyway, like last time I had a party, no one came 😦

16 07 2008
Ninja boy1

make it a bulletin on someones channel or advertise it alot i had a party too no1 came

17 07 2008
*bm!$+* aka blackmist100

Awesome your back! I was your buddy on cp until I removed you because you quit. I used to play runescape, but IMO i think it kinda sucks. I played this other game called World Of Warcraft and it seems much better. That’s just IMO. Well i’m glad your back! Check out my site some time if you can.


18 07 2008
*bm!$+* aka blackmist100

i would want to come to your party. and maybe you should inform people that you’re back! i can’t enter cuz i don’t have any vids and i don’t have an MSN. I only make vids on google video but they suck. i need to learn how to make music vids too.

18 07 2008
*bm!$+* aka blackmist100

thx for your comment by the way

18 07 2008
*bm!$+* aka blackmist100

Try to get on cp more often with a new peng. Your old peng my be deleted.

19 07 2008

I want to be your admin !!!!PLEASE my penguin name is Teohkay my email is and im ur buddy u know my site and i know u!!!

19 07 2008

By the way,
Thanks for the comment lol

20 07 2008


20 07 2008

Thanks lol

22 07 2008

i got vids i got msn and i got a penguin and i have vids so i no how to make them

24 07 2008

um, i think black and i can’t qualify because we don’t have MSN. we made our first music video though. it’s on our site.

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