Back from holiday + New Picture Contest..

19 04 2008


Well im back from my holiday, and it was great. Well im back and since im back ive got a contest for you all..Details Below..

Contest details

– You have to get a picture of your penguin. Edit your penguins picture in photo shop or in any other editing program.

– When you finish you comment me the link of your picture, if you cant do that then put it on your site and give me the link of your site.

– The prize is..your GREAT picture will be in my famous people’s video on you tube. You dont have to be famous to sign up, and good luck!

This contest ends April 26, Saturday 2008.


– Do not get a picture off google or any browser of any penguin that looks like you, thats edited. That would be cheating and that would’nt be fair to the other contestants.

Good luck!!

waddle on





6 responses

19 04 2008


Nice Papercuter!
its been AGES! Well, remember, you where My Buddy, A Hacker hacked me and removed everyone. Can you add me back? Ill be at frozen, dock.
Just to tell you, Can you comment on my site if –
You have a MSN or AIM. I wanna talk to you. I havent seen you in ages! =)
My old site, got suspended. My new site is if you wanna comment on that 😉

Waddle off!

19 04 2008

Paper! Very very long time no see. Well check out my site it is pretty cool. is my site. And if you didn’t know, Puka quit about 4 months ago. Now I own his site, and I am making posts and pics and pages. Wow it really has been a long time! Well please check it out at

19 04 2008

And if you can, can you change the blogroll to my name linking to cause lol now thats my site since puka quit.

20 04 2008

everyone please check out for funny stuffs!

20 04 2008

dang its been a while!

Comment Back

21 04 2008


Awesome Paper!

Long time no see!

Anyway here’s my Penguin:

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