New Newspaper + Migrator

3 04 2008

Hey guys, Boopeh here, and i’m here to tell you about the newspaper and the Migrator!

Here’s the newspaper:

Aunt Arctic ‘asked’ to be editor – Special Section
Here are the main words for the headline:

The Club Penguin Times is pleased to announce that after two years of writing for the newspaper, Aunt Arctic has been promoted to the job of Editor in Chief. The island’s favorite weekly writer will now be overseeing the whole newspaper.

In other words, she is no longer just going to have one part of the newspaper, she’s going to have the whole thing.

Save the Migrator Progress Report – Special Section 2

It’s almost done, it says they just have to do the top. And here’s a poll:
Comment on how you think he should be contacted. 😀

Rockhopper’s Records Recovered – Special Section 3

This is the main words of the topic:

As many penguins know, all of the treasures and parts of the Migrator recovered from the bottom of the ocean, Rockhopper’s journal seemed the least likely to be salvaged.

Although rescued by the Aqua Grabber, the drenched diary was heavily damaged. “Water and paper don’t mix” one pilot commented. “It wasn’t pretty when we brought it up.”

Don’t worry, you can still read it, it’ll be added to the Book Room.

In Focus
Here are some fact’s about stuff on CP.
Did you know?

Did you know?

Tip Of the Week



Aunt Arctic

Question 1 – Dear Aunt Arctic, where do all the new plays at the Stage come from?

From what i’ve learned, the costumes, the scripts, and special effects are made by the Stage Society, a group of very creative penguins that work behind the scene.

Question 2 – Dear Aunt Arctic, What’s up with the rocking horse at the Ski Attic? It’s huge!

I asked around, and no one seems sure who made the rocking horse, but one clever pointed out that it wasn’t the only thing on the island that seems a bit big at first.

Watch And Learn – Tips and Secrets

Unsure how to play Mancala or Find Four? Once you’ve read the rules, try watching a game or two to get an idea how to play. Just click on a game already being played and watch the action. It’s also a great way to watch your friends play and arrange tournaments.

Simply Sensational Styles – Extras

And there will be a new puzzle every week, if you want to know the answer for this weeks, here’s a pic:


Upcoming events



Click here to see the newspaper without logging in.

That’s all for the newspaper!

Here is news on the Migrator:
You can now go on the Migrator! It’s just really dirty and you can’t go inside the Ship Hold.

Here are pics:
And here’s the inside:
I apologize for my outfit. I was in a hurry, I din’t have time to change. Lol.

That’s all for the Migator.

Well, that’s all for now!
Waddle On!

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2 responses

4 04 2008

paper enter my contest it ends on april 6th

4 04 2008

Cool Boopeh!
wheres paper?
oh well
cya later


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