Easter egg hunt Answers – posted by candyglossez aka misspunk01

21 03 2008


Well do you all wanna know where the easter eggs are in cp? Well let me tell u…


The first egg is in the mine shack


The second egg is in the dock



The third egg is in the pet shop


The fourth egg is in the book room


 The fifth egg is in the gift shop


The sixth egg is in the plaza


The seventh egg is in the lodge attic


The last egg is in the dojo, however this one is hard. Stay in the dojo, then u will see the egg disappearing and appearing in different spots in the dojo, so be careful this one is hard to get



finished now click claim prize


Then u get the green bunny ears! They arnt that bad i guess..


Hope u found the eggs successfully! Thanks…


cyaa have a nice dayy =]

Candy aka misspunk01




4 responses

21 03 2008

Nice post!!!
Congrats on your hits! Keep it up!

21 03 2008

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22 03 2008
randylol(not logged into wordpress)

nice post miss!

22 03 2008

Hey Papercuter its me, Frazzie.
I havent visited your site since back in around October 2007.
Well in the past 6 months, I have gotten very very famous.
Lol no joke. Well anyways, please visit my site, which is


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