New admin details (again)

15 03 2008


Thanks for reminding me, i completley forgot about the new admins, so if u wanna be an admin on my site then this is your chance. Just write a comment with ur email and site name and i will check out ur site and see if your a good enough admin!

Sorry, i had to do this again, i completly  forgot.S-O-R-R-Y! I had so much on my mind, so thanks for telling me 🙂

So get commenting and U WILL BE AN ADMIN..well im only going to add 1-2 more admins. Maybe 1 admin, maybe 2 admins, im not sure yet, ill see.

The admins will be announced on Thursday, if not maybe earlier on this week!


waddle on like u dont care!!

paper~ 🙂




13 responses

15 03 2008

hey i would like to be admin

name: Dark Crow200


15 03 2008

me too

name: yuidf


15 03 2008
16 03 2008
randylol not logged in wordpress

i would realy like to be and not realy an admin for any other sites but i do a very good job at site is

16 03 2008
17 03 2008

wot happened to my first comment? oh well did u read it? it said to use the email i use when commenting!

17 03 2008

Hello, Papercuter. I was looking through out your blog and I noticed you have been having trouble installing Windows Live Messenger. Nothing is wrong with your Computer. Microsoft at that time had made a new Installer that helps your computer download and Install things faster. At that time all Programs of all sites were efected. Here is where you can Install Windows Installer 3.1 version 2.

17 03 2008
18 03 2008

I’ll try helping 🙂

18 03 2008

I’m bad at these thing sorry 😛

18 03 2008
randylol not logged in wordpress

mohd your almost as famouse as paintboy100.i dont get why you want to be on another site?

19 03 2008

I’ll try Paper but that is if u allow lol 😉 take care

VJ The DJ 😉

~Vjjason~ THE 1 AND ONLY 😛

21 03 2008

Oh, Yay! Please add:

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