BAD News + GOOD news!

8 03 2008


Ive got really BAD news!

Mohd 222’s site got suspended i was going to go on his site to comment, and then this came up.


Thats bad, is it suspended forever, if so then its expelled not suspended, maybe its suspended cause maybe you can get ur site back if you contact them

Well mohd i hope u get ur  site back, we will all try to help u out, we will try!

THE GOOD NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Im getting a member ship around JULY or JUNE,, Maybe!! so thats good

Kk waddle on,

And hope mohd gets his site back,

thanks for reading

waddle on





7 responses

8 03 2008

Would you be interesting in joining our army?
Its called the SOCP ARMY! We have 50 members and are looking for lots more!
So go to the official site and comment to get in the socp member list!
Thanks for your time! 😎

8 03 2008

I was going on to check Mohd’s site, and that popped up.

8 03 2008

Hey paper, its bomber,
Do you have MSN?
If you do add!
Cya around,

8 03 2008
mohd (off)

I cant even log in man. I feel so sad. Anyways thx for ur support =)
Hope u have fun when ur a member paper!
Take care 😉

8 03 2008

to bad about mohds site.i found out it was sespended myself this morning.but good for you ur getting your membership back cuz u have realy awesome member cloths!

11 03 2008

Correction…Mohds site WAS suspended 😀 im so happy 4 my bro lol 🙂 comment back if u can!

VJ The DJ 😉

~Vjjason~ THE 1 AND ONLY 😛

12 03 2008

Im banned forever
i think this time i quit ='(

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