7 03 2008


Heya… yeah paper hasnt been on cp latley cause the computer wasnt working, so i had to fix this other pc, so im on it now, and now im setting everything up! So sorryyy!!


heres the newest updates around cp,

Penguins have managed to build rh’s ship, well its ok i guess, i dont think they have finished, take a peek


Lol!! anyway and heres the new catalog, new stuff came out,

Wig + clothing catalog


Yeah so thats great, the stuff are great too, i bet every1 in cp will be wearing those glasses, if u wanna check out the catalogs then go on cp and take a look urself!!

In other news,

Papercuter will be announcing his admins next week or so, so check that out too!! And remember the details, check the post before this one to know what im talking bout

Thnxxx ::D:DD:D

cyaaaaaaaaaaaz loool…random..etc..


Misspunk01 aka candyglossez aka lol jk




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8 03 2008

nice post

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