Im a new admin, + more

28 02 2008


Well im a new admin on this site, so thanks paper for adding me on here,

Visit my site :

Yeah, my old penguin Misspunk01 got banned forever last year so i am now using a penguin called Candyglossez. I normaly go on mammoth, And i am papercuter’s elder sister, i help him with this site sometimes, when he needs help,

And we will be adding one more admin to this site too, so dont worry, paper said to just comment here and he will pick!


Also the new newspaper came out


Papercuter and I also made a new vid together, but unfortunatly Its on my other computer, and my other computer is kind of not working, sometimes it turns on sometimes it doesnt, ill try to put it on utube when it works.

And is rockhopper still hanging around club penguin? Or did he leave to rockhopper Island? Thanks


This post is by Misspunk01 AKA Candyglossez AKA Iol jk




4 responses

28 02 2008

i know it misspunk derves it!

28 02 2008

ohh pick me please im not an adimn on much blogs 😦

29 02 2008

My site is ok, but I never get the time to update.

1 03 2008

Thats a coolio post!
Can’t wait to see what happens next with all this RH stuff! lol

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