New newspaper + 2 new admins + more :D

24 01 2008


Well lets first start off with the new newspaper, it come out, so check it out,

And rockhopper is safe, so thats good, and life jackets came out, they are okay i guess, they are of course free.

In other news:

There are two new admins on this website, the first admins i have ever had on this website.



I chose them because…

– they had really good sites, (everyone else did too)

– They post on time

And more! lol

Everyone elses sites were really good too, so dont get mad or anything 🙂

Other news:

Some quiters, some banned pengys, lol


waddle on





4 responses

24 01 2008

cool paper keep it up and i hope u reach 15,000 soon =)

24 01 2008

😦 congratulations bomber2 and boopy12345 😦 i wish i was like thme but idc cause i am quiting afat 2 weeks

24 01 2008

WOW thx SO much, i wont let you down! :mrgreen: when could we possobly meet up, allthough we dont have to?

24 01 2008

cool, i just saw i was on ur blogroll!

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