New Admin

24 01 2008

Hey guys, it’s Boopeh!

Paper just made me an admin over here at his site!
So.. from now on… You’ll be seeing my posts!

Here is an animation of my penguin dancing.

So you can visit my site here

And I just wanna say thanks to Papercuter for choosing me as one of his first admins. Congratulations to Bomber too! He was also picked as the other admin. 😀

So.. That’s it for now!
Waddle On!




6 responses

24 01 2008

lucky 😦

24 01 2008

go to my site to see my quitting post i got bored http://www.darkcrow200.wordpress

24 01 2008

cool post boopy. 😀 and darkcrow please dont quit.

24 01 2008

hmm, i might aswell do 1 of these posts….. also how do you make animations ❓

25 01 2008

Lol. You need a program.

25 01 2008

what program?

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