Bad news or good news + my first animation

22 01 2008


 well i have some bad news,

well im on the computer too much and im not allowed to go on it if i keep on going on it, or the internet might be cut off, so i guess i might quit, OR I will add two admins to help me with this site!

Good news!

So comment if you want to be admin, and  ill check ur site if its good, and ill choose! Thanks.

And the new mission is out so check it out, i dont really have time to do the mission so if you want to know some cheats on how to do the mission then just go to

 I learned how to make animations, here is my first animation, and its just showing you where the new mission is lol,



Waddle waddle,






9 responses

22 01 2008

can i plz be admin plz plz cmon heres my site

22 01 2008

can i be one plz email see comment

23 01 2008

Thanks for the credit and good luck in ur connection thing 😉

23 01 2008

no problem, thanks mohd 😀

23 01 2008

hey, please can i be an admin, if you think my sites good thts kl, also my hits are going up pretty fast, and i have a ( and

23 01 2008

Noelcc is Quiting his word press blog!!

~~Noelcc~~ 8) 😥 😥 😥

(i MAY be back in 7 month 😉 )

24 01 2008

Can I be a admin? check out my magic penguins page. The picture probably wont turn into a picture idmmediatley so you have to wait like 5 min to see it.

24 01 2008

go to my site its called i really need hits! please i begu .nice header.

24 01 2008

nice site

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