Stage production sneak peak!

5 01 2008


i got a pic of the new stage production thats comming out! here it is,


thats all!

waddle on (dont waddle off)






15 responses

5 01 2008

yeah i know!!!!!
go to my iste paper

5 01 2008

Wow paper =)

5 01 2008

cool stuff

5 01 2008

Hey Penguins.
Im Billybob and i am holding MSN chats with you.
Just add me to your MSN and i will be taking ideas from you to improve Club Penguin.
Or Visit my research blog:

Thank You,
Waddle On.

6 01 2008

thx for the sneak peak check out my site and leave a comment

6 01 2008

it involves seattle!!! you know how i know? cuz. the tall tower to the right. its the space needle wich is in seattle

6 01 2008

want a free penguin?

user: sk8er bird26
pass: sk8er

plz dont ban it!

8 01 2008
Orbvab(Click here)

2 things:
1. Maybe it will be superheros?
2. Visit orbvab’s club penguin cheat site!

8 01 2008
Gabby Montez

ha! its band… 😯 (figures)

9 01 2008

Hey Nice site and Nice Post
So wats up i m ninja boy1 incase u didnt know :mrgreen:
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Plz visit my site 😉

10 01 2008

Hey paper, can u check my new post and comment plz? Thnx!

10 01 2008

Hey Paper Nice post go see the new page on my site its called best budz

11 01 2008

Awesome post Paper.

14 01 2008

Guys, read this! Coop024 needs hits! are else he will Quit club penguin
heyy everybody Cp is getting really boring and kids my age 11-12-13 have better thing’s to do wordpress and club-penguin takes up to much time theres better things for boys my age to be thinking about, school homework (girls). so im QUTIING Club-Penguin and wordpress if we dont get 4,000 hit’s by Friday january 25th 2007 (my party date) ill be QUITTING Club-Penguin and wordpress, forever SO YOU BETTER POST ABOT ME AND TELL PEOPLE TO GET HIT’S oR ELSE IM GONE forM club penguin forever!!!
So go on his site now!!!!!

31 01 2008

Thanks for sharing

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