1 01 2008

Sorry that i didnt come to the party, cause my pc crashed..again! so im going to go backto windows xp, and i might not post alot or comment cause im using my mums pc for now, my pc will be fixed tomorrow,

happy new year,


I will do the 200 comment party in a few weeks, till i get my pc fixed,


vista is hard to use, so im going back to xp,






8 responses

1 01 2008

thats to bad! and it must stink! hope u get it fixed soon! 😉

~~noelcc & Reds Soxs~~

1 01 2008
Dark Crow200

man i wited 2 hours and u didnt come and i offered u my hypercam 2 lol i hope u repeat the party and make it in server mammoth next tiome cause brumby doesnt have much ppl lol cya


1 01 2008
Dark Crow200

o and happy new year 🙂

2 01 2008


Thanks for being my buddy!

>>FYLL =]

2 01 2008

No problem fyll 😀

2 01 2008

dark crow200

Sorry u waited 2 hours ,thanks for offering ur hypercam , ill repeat the party soon
ill see if i can make it mammoth we’ll just have to wait and see if its full lol and brumby doesnt have much people ino. Happy new year 2008


2 01 2008

thnx happy new year u too :)but plz can u make me a header i need one so badly i dont know how to make one

2 01 2008

paper i am dark crow200 i will start commenting in this account k

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