Bad news + 200 comment party reminder + Suprise video + more

31 12 2007

Yesterday my computer crashed, all the computers  crashed latley! So Im using my spare computer, and i dont think my other computer will work anymore unless i give it to someone to fix. It has a fuse or somthing. I dont know.  So all my files are there, and hypercam 2 is there, i cant download anything right now on this computer cause i have to get security.

Now i have windows vista and its really hard to use, and i can only download stuff for windows vista.If i download xp stuff my Pc will crash AGAIN! My old computer had windows XP, So if anyone has a vista pc, then tell me what i should do,

And i dont have anything to record the party with, i dont have hypercam 2 just yet, i did on my old pc, but now i dont, Can someone please offer to record the party? I will still take the pics of  it and put it on papercuter news. Ill try to work windows movie maker too

Thanks alot!

And a reminder of the 200 comment party! Remember the details and hope u can come!!

Now, you know how i said i will have a suprise vid for u all?? I said that a while ago so a few days ago i made this vid. Thankgod i put it on youtube otherwise i wouldnt have it, since my other pc crashed!

So here it is…

hope u liked it,

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waddle on





9 responses

31 12 2007
Dark Crow200

yes only cause ur my best buddy i will record your party 🙂 cause wat are friends for so dont worry i am always there for you

31 12 2007
Dark Crow200

o and thnx for advertising my site

31 12 2007
Dark Crow200

srry i have some bad news my hypercam 2 isnt working srry papercuter i hope i can repair it

31 12 2007

Hey there, nice post oh well i have sad news on my blog 😥 please comment!
~Mohd222 A.K.A~~~~~~> Mohderator =)

31 12 2007
Lil Kooka

Hey Paper i have VISTA it stinks.I download pics on my blog u do and vids.I need help using hypercam2.PLus i dont know if ill beable to come but happy 200 comments plz visit

31 12 2007

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31 12 2007

why didnt u come to the party?

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Wow, my computer crashed on Christmas Eve lol. So now I have to get used to Vista too. Can’t help ya there, Paper.

>>FYLL =]

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