New header + Bad news

13 12 2007

Hey guys,

here is the good news, i made a new header Rate it from 1 – 10    :mrgreen:   The bad news is ….     My buddy dark crow200 is banned forever   😥   Plz unbann him so if u can ill give u a award!

 Thank you,

Waddle on


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15 responses

13 12 2007

The header is not very nice, ill change it, tomorrow, i rate it 0
its ok to be honest!

Well to be honest i think its not very nice!!!!


13 12 2007

i think its a cool header just very blurred, but arent they all like that lol


13 12 2007

And I’ve seen Dark Crow!
Do you know why he got banned forever?

14 12 2007

I dont know!

14 12 2007

dark Crow200 aka dark crow?

14 12 2007

0/10 + 10 😛 , dude u rock! Look at my new post =) Go on msn long time no see 😥

14 12 2007
dark crow200

papercuter dark crow200 is not banned forever i meant that me ohaho and dark crow not dark crow200 are banned forevernot dark crow200

14 12 2007
dark crow200

and bud i really like your header

14 12 2007
dark crow200

and please repeat the bad news plz plz plz plz say that ohaho and dark crow not dark crow 200 are banned forever

14 12 2007

I know ohaho is banned forever, and dark crow got banned ages ago,
Oh well..

Hope they get unbanned


P.s I got a suprise tomorrow!!

14 12 2007

wjos the surprise for?

15 12 2007

well,,i dont know if its good or bad. one clue
Its a big help!

17 12 2007

10+10-10=10 lol

19 12 2007

Awesome I would rate it 1000 take away 9990!!
lol its funny isnt it

29 12 2007

hey guys if anyone can unbanned fahdoon plz do and papercuter whats the name of this song its a nice song

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