clothing catlog + new page

7 12 2007



HEres the new christmas clothing catlog,


There is somthing new on clubpenguin?!?


New page is called –  My fav vids of all time (not in order) new page.

Heres the link

So thanks

waddle on

Papercuter~ 😀




18 responses

7 12 2007
dark crow200


7 12 2007

The new catalog is awesome.

7 12 2007

kewl, pls comment on my blog

~mohd222’sbro~ mohd is in camp!

7 12 2007
$ully100 a.k.a Black $ully

papercuter please dont quit please ill avritise your blog so please dont quit!

8 12 2007

hey every one including the owner(s) go to
we are either the
dark ninja army
dragon ninja army
duck ninja army
dead ninja army
you choose in ice vampiros poll
you can sign up to be one of eight senseis in either the element clan which includes
the fire clan
the air clan
the water clan
the earth clan
in the dna army there are the D clan names listed above
ifyou dont get to be sensei you can be a ninja or a samurai in all the 8 clans
please copy and paste this on all possible blogs we want this to be a success

8 12 2007

hey paper it not that your a nonmember its that you dont post much

9 12 2007

please add your brogrol

9 12 2007
dark crow200

hey there are new emotes just wanna help you post on your site bro

10 12 2007

Srry Paper.I didn’t mean 2 forget u 😦 so srry.Anywayz..Awesome Post!!!and is the 1st comment from dark crow?The 1 that got banned forever or am i just imagining things?

10 12 2007

pls comment on mohds site thxs


10 12 2007

Hey i know that the emotes came out, but i cant be bothered posting that lol,
Thnx anyway 😀

And vj,,u forgot me??

Lol jk


11 12 2007


How do u do the Chocolate Ice cream?

11 12 2007

vjjason removdme!! and sameer and fanocp and another ton of penguins

11 12 2007

chocolate ice cream is e and w

11 12 2007

Thanks! :mrgreen:

12 12 2007
^^ Check out the booming site! New and Improved with tunes to jam with! Fun material, lots of pages, a new post almost daily……what are you waiting for?

13 12 2007

hola! I am back, good news and bad news 🙂 😦 lol, well camp was good so! Check out my new post! Mohderator returns =) , thank u 😉

14 12 2007
dark crow200

i know how to do the black ice cream papercuter u have to press e then w 🙂 i can help u anytime if uneed help and heres my email buddy

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