Suprise video on its way!!

3 12 2007


Well i am in a middle of a vid, and every 10,000, hits i will post a suprise video!!!

So u better get those hits high to see the suprise vid!


Ok so comment if you think u could get 10,000 hits for me, so u could see  the suprise vid!


Trust me

its worth it.




9 responses

3 12 2007

Uh I think you can reach 10,000 hits.

Visit Site!

3 12 2007

cool! Can u help pls! My name is blocked 😦

3 12 2007


4 12 2007

How do you get hits? Is it just when people come for the 1st time?

4 12 2007

yeah how do you get hits?? cause i need some on my wordpress!!
do you play runescape?
cause i do and i play club penguin and i see you all the time!

4 12 2007

yes i play it, and i dont know how i get hits.

4 12 2007

Comment on many blogs and advertise and get crowd on cp, make more vids! Own cool ideas! 😉 good luck!

5 12 2007
Papercuter (not logged in)

Thanks Mohd 😀

6 12 2007

byeeee i have to leave for camping, pls comment on my site and have a great week! Cya! Take care, mohderators will always come back =)

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