I MET rockhopper!!!!!!!!!!!!

10 11 2007

hey guys i spotted rockhopper in server parka! i managed to take some pics and first not many people were crowding then lots of people were crowding! heres the pics!.i also got his background. I was finding the yellow puffle,then rockhopper was in the plaza and he said he was going to his migrator,

take a look

enlarge the pic pls!!

rockhopper.png ( click 2 enlarge)

Thats all

Waddle on Dont waddle off !!

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10 11 2007
papercuter(not logged in cant be bothered)

it was cool untill there was a crowd!!!!!!!!!!!!

10 11 2007

I saw Old RH yesterday on Mammoth. No one saw him except me till a minute later. That’s when I shouted Out “Yo RH!” Then like all the penguins at the Dock came to see him.

10 11 2007

lol i hate rockhopper….hez so slimy..what kind ov person would give out a self potrait backround?…only a big headed freak.

itz kool thaat u found him thou 🙂

he NEVA visitz aussie/nz servers..not that i kare.

11 11 2007

Hey papercuter I am Zune91994. My penguins name is Zune91994 but I was banned when I met you on cp. I was on as Tejuino. I am an admin at mohd’s site and Aguairs. I made you an admin on my site. It is http://magnovox101.wordpress.com

11 11 2007

ok thanks

15 11 2007

Cool, Ive seen him 10 times already, 2 times during this visit.

19 11 2007
Papercuter (not logged in)


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