Membership expired :( :( :( :( :”(

30 10 2007

NOOOOOOOOOOO!! my membership expired!!! oh no!! I dont think i will renew it, i guess everyones happy thats its expired cause they could be really cool, and now i know how it feels like to be like this, cause karma wat comes around goes around, i was cool before, then im uncool now and others are cooler! i used to always make fun of being uncool, now I know  how it feels like. My nonmember items arnt that bad, ice skates, etc,

I dont really care so much about cp as i used to!

heres a pic of me logging in with a huge disaster sign



ok thanks!

bye bye!




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30 10 2007
gooner7 (not logged in, cant be bothered lol)


Oh well.. you think you got it bad dont you…

1. My best penguin ever was banned for no reason by a hacker.
2. Cp ignore all my unbanning requests even when its my parents emailing!
3. ive spent the last 2-3 months being a non-member with no rare items, and losing all the friends i had on my baned account.

hmmmm 😦
always look on the bright side of life lalalalalalalaa!
its not that bad being a non-mem, you dont have to be fussy about what you wear or anything! :mrgreen:


1 11 2007
dede19 zappy

dude i fell bad for you 😦

1 11 2007

can i have it?

2 11 2007

It stinks when memberships expire!!

2 11 2007

😦 , check my 3rd video, pls comment!

3 11 2007

Go to my site. You havent commented in a while. Ohh yea, when is your poll going to end? I hope I win!


3 11 2007

why didnt u post and comment on my blog 😦 , u dont care about me now!

3 11 2007

no one comments on my blog ever. huh whats the point!


8 11 2007

oh im so sorry ive been really busy! ill comment

20 11 2007

Hey man i really understand how it feels when i first started playing clubpenguin i was a non-member i was so bored until i became a member but i even wanna tell you something
1- i am banned forever by a hacker
2-clubpenguin is not believing that
3-i was going to make plans with my buddys
4-i lost all my buddys even you

so you are so lucky and you are supposed to appreciate that your parents paid for your membership and you are lucky because you really have old rare items

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