Membership expires tomorrow :(

29 10 2007


my membership expires tomorrow!! noooo!!!! ill see if i can renew it, maybe i dont know, anyway! its not that bad!

so see me now as my last time as a member!!

oh well,

i wont be that great anymore! so people will stop asking me to be their friend, cause i wont be cool!


oh well

waddle on





9 responses

29 10 2007

just because your a non-mem doesnt mean people dont like you! well look at me im a non-member and well um.. (probably a bad example). but lots of non members are cool


29 10 2007

when will the admin poollll finish

29 10 2007

Look paper Im almost a non member!I will become a non member in November and I have lots of free clothes like the pizza apron and Im not famous but you are so other penguin will still think that your famous and cool!To me your always cool!

29 10 2007

Could you come to my party at 4:30 pm (PST) At the server Tuxedo at the Dock!

30 10 2007

Papercuter, Spandorf can;t get on anymore. Even if I opy and paste my passowrd he will never come back. My other penguins are meronicmahem, Paintboy0013, Monkey Bo Bo, and Puffleoven. They are all more popular than Spandorf! They are pretty cool. I may never see you again. But if not just remember that you will always be my friend. Even if you are a non-member like all the penguins of mine(except Spandorf who is gone forever). Well Good-Bye. We may be able to communcate through my wordpress. You should admin on it! Well Good-Bye.

30 10 2007
gooner7 (not logged in, cant be bothered lol)

hey papercuter can i interview you on cp for a vid?


30 10 2007

oh well , its ok even if ur membership expires who cares???? , ur still popular we know u! lol! , o well good luck i hope u get a renew =) , cya paper! thats why u were sad yesterday now i get it lol

30 10 2007

ok thanks anyway 😀

1 11 2007

sry to hear tht paper.So all i can say is…..welcome to the team,LOLZ!!

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