Trick or treat!! – Halloween party

27 10 2007


this halloween party is  great!! its way better then last years! and the items are so great, a few days ago it was a party hat, now its a halloween scarf! well get the scarf fast before u miss out on it next time!


oh and i forgot,,,

trick or treat

– papercuter 




7 responses

27 10 2007

lol. o yeah when are u picking the new admin btw?


27 10 2007

Hey paper you rules i wanna be buddie with you but if you have a full list its ok but you have a cool blog and i forgot i pick

27 10 2007

Hey paper can i be a admin in your blog.

28 10 2007

lol the party is getting boring!

28 10 2007


Wassup Paper? You’re on my blogroll!

>>FYLL =]

28 10 2007

The Biggest Contest On The Planet Well Not Rally But The Membership Contest Begings Now.Here Are The Rules In A Paragraph.The prize is a 3 month membership.The winner will win a brand new acount with a membership.

To enter you must add me to your blogroll and make a post about this site then comment here and say done.make sure when commenting make sure you use your real email address and a link to yor website.If you write a post about me and add me to you blogroll you get 2 entrys.

So lets get this contest underway.Hey caretaker fix the drumb

29 10 2007


Hey, Papercuter, can youplease come to my 100,000 hits party (I know it’s heaps, isn’t it?)

Details on

>>FYLL =]
100,000 hits party this Sunday – be there!

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