CP 2nd year anniversary party 1 day only!!

23 10 2007

Hey hey hey,

long time no see? well sorry if i havnt posted so much the past few days ive been really busy.

Anyway tomorrow is the 2nd anniversary party! i cant wait, i remember the 1st anniversary it was great. There was a big cake and balloons and everything in the coffee shop last year, i wont tell u more, u will have to wait and see, anyway so get excited and we hope that a new party hat will come out, even better the BETA hat!! i cant wait, i hope it will come out , if not i hope another color will come out!!


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3 responses

23 10 2007

Yea Paper i cant wait 4 the hat!!!what do u think it will be??im thinking not the beta hat but even better….

24 10 2007

Paper!!!good news,lol.Beaka Said………She……….LVS U!!!!!!!!!!!!:o I couldnt Believe it.Umm i think i should have mailed u this right?cause i thik this was a little pvt.Well Who cares she told everyone tht did the heart emote!!and she asked me things about u,lol.So i was thinking what tooooo dooooooo??What toooooo sayyyyy??Then i said….he makes vids,lol!!

24 10 2007

Nu uh the party hat stinks

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