8 10 2007

hey everyone.

Everyone asks me questions so im going to answear them!

The first question people normaly ask me is this.

Are you Famous?

– No and yes, im not famous, just because i have a couple of rare items, dosnt mean im famous! People just think that, Maybe i am, Maybe im not, who really knows?

Wanna be friends?

– Well, i do want to be friends but i cant, cause i have a full FULL list!! its full of great people, but i can be friends just not buddys! Sorry.. maybe when i dont have a full list? Which i dont think will happen unless i remove all my buddys , lol

Where did you get those clothes from?

– Catlogs! old caltogs, and my penguin is 489 days old or somthing like that, so since those hundreds of days catlogs arrive and yeah.

Why do you never talk?

– I do talk! just sometimes i get really busy doing this site and doing other stuff not related to clubpenguin!

If u have more questions to ask me then write them down here in the comments! i will answear them of course. But when i get back from holidays!

Waddle on and enjoy the waddle,

– Posted by papercuter




3 responses

8 10 2007

haha cool! 😀 btw u got over 2000 hits now! :0 aw man you suck you got more hits then me now! lol jk! :mrgreen:


9 10 2007

whats ur name ??? lol!

16 10 2007

lol so many things to remember!!Yea Whats ur name?n for this question ONLY im on mohds side,lol

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