9 10 2008



I just want to let everyone know that this site is SHUTDOWN, and that i have quit clubpenguin forever. 


Thanks admins,




Club Penguin Contest at my site!

14 09 2008

This is my first contest ever, to get a good penguin.


Shamrock hat

Blue bunny hat

White pirates cap

Black bandana

Blue mailbag

Friendship bracelet

Old pirate boots


Shrimp pin

Bowl of gold pin

April fools “This way up” pin

Magnifying glass pin

Ruby pin


Sea monster background

Spy phone

Account information:

Username: Bambadee997

Age: 555 days old as of September 14 Australian time

Member status: No

To enter, simply add me to your blogroll and post heaps in this post. This is to be done on my website, brolyss10.wordpress.com

Second place gets to be my buddy.

Thank you for competing, go to brolyss10.wordpress.com for extension.


11 09 2008

Hello people…….
Im sad i got 2 bad days and here is news i wanna tell you!
My penguin is banned im sad so im gonna quit clubpenguin one day

So i’m gonna quit Club Penguin one DAY!I emailed Club Penguin to change the email of my penguin and password…:(

New Newspaper

4 09 2008

Hey guys,

Heres the new newspaper

Club Penguin is Building a speacial scenery for the stage! Read Below for more details.


In other news,

It looks like the yellow scarf & the pink jacket is comming out! cool!

They might change the name for Aqua Grabber.. they might change it to “Deap Sea Salvage” Weird!

Upcoming updates

Thanks for reading, 

Hope you had a nice summer,

Back to school in a few days!

Waddle on,


Free coins without doing anything!

1 09 2008

Hey guys,
Teohkay here.I just found out an awsome coin glitch!!!Well here is how it works!
1.Go to a non-chat sever.
2.Play the game DJ3K.
3.When it says”Do you want to play Mix Music?
4.Hit tab until it reaches the home icon.
5.When you’re in your igloo,Click “Yes”
6.Now,Click “X” in your right hand corner.(Don’t worry you will still be in the game)
7.First you will get 5 or 0 coins but then,Repeat clickting the “X” again then you will get 530 coins!

When i did it. I got like 21,330 coins! So you can do it as much as you want untill you are RICH!$$
Well,This is my first ever cheat i discovered!

Please comment how much you like it!


Hey guys its paper!~~~

I just wanted to say that, if you do try that coin glitch you can get banned for a few hours. A few people got banned, you might too, so please dont try it, unless you wanna get banned.



Hey, it’s Broly Ss10. This cheat no longer works. Please use the same method, but with the bean counters game. With the X instruction, please press tab until it’s on the ‘X’ and then hold enter. Please give credit if you use it.

New furniture catalog secrets & New pin

31 08 2008

Hey guys!!

The golden 150th newspaper pin is located in the boiler room!

The new Furniture Catalog, came out it looks like this,

You need to Click the orange lava lamp for the blender

The blender should look like this,

Click the Piano to get the Guitar stand.


Waddle on,


Please join Smash Bros. Galaxy

30 08 2008

Please join Smash Bros. Galaxy. It’s for my friend and I want his forum to go up in members because it’s really great. Join now by going here: smashbrosgalaxy.darkbb.com